These are some of the Things Await You If You Visit Makassar

If you are running out of options for a travel destination for your next vacation, here is one suggestion you should take: go visit makassar and be ready for an adventure unlike any others. At first, this suggestion might sound a little bit strange. Odds are you have never heard of the name of this city, even if it is one of the most populous in Indonesia. In addition, chances are great that every time you hear the name “Indonesia”, Makassar will not be the first thing that pops on your mind. You would be reminded more of a scene of a tropical beach in Bali with its lush and bustling holiday amenities. It is time for you to broaden your perspective and choose to go the road less traveled.

That’s right; when you visit makassarindonesia, you would experience how it feels like to be the sole tourist taking in what the city has to offer. This will be especially true if you are of a country outside Indonesia. Domestic tourists are not known to make Makassar their top priority when it comes to traveling let alone a foreigner. If anything, the number of tourists visiting the city would be minimal, resulting in an atmosphere that is way friendlier compared to that of more popular tourist destinations. To drive the point home, it would be a challenge for you to find a capable tourist guide in this city, a fact which would force you to do your best to survive your trip there. And you would be mistaken to think that the locals can be of great help considering the English literacy in the city is limited to basic words, particularly “yes” and “no”.

But that should not be a hindrance that you cancel your plan to visit makassar south sulawesi. When you head on to the city, here are some of the activities to look forward to:

  1. Enjoy your time at a café in the clouds

To get to the café in question, you would have to travel to Malino, a little town near Makassar situated on a hill. This is also a location of a tea plantation. The café is situated near the edge of the plateau, where it would be constantly covered in clouds due to its high elevation.

  1. Explore the Paotere Harbor

The harbor has a historic background as it was one of the busiest ports in the past. You can take a stroll down the docks, where you can see for yourself the life of the sailors. A fish market is situated not very far from the harbor.

  1. Experience boarding a real ship

This might be that kind of activity that depends on how lucky you are. When the time is right, there could be a ship docked at the harbor. After the ship is done unloading its cargo and the ramp is still down, you can ask for permission to board the ship and take as many pictures as you like.

  1. Socialize with locals

While you are at the harbor, be ready for a bunch of kids following you. They are friendly, so you don’t have to worry even a bit as they just want to share stories with you.

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